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Commercial Work

Hire HE&D Electrical Contractors for Commercial Work

With many years of experience in the electrical industry, HE&D Electrical Contractors has been able to build a strong reputation as the best commercial and industrial electricians in the United Kingdom. We can accommodate clients from a standard enquiry, through to the completion of various projects of any size.

Our previous clients have always appreciated our exceptional customer service. Whether you require electrical repair, maintenance or installation, we are well equipped to satisfy all your electrical needs and requirements. Thus, we’re considered the best commercial electrical contractor Kent.

Our company only employs experienced commercial and industrial electricians who specialise in mining and heavy industrial electrical requirements. We provide specialized high end electrical manufacturing, design, installation, and even commissioning of switchboards for earthmoving and mining equipment. In addition to this, we even offer a wide range of maintenance services for various electrical equipment and tools. We will be your best choice for flexible applications, built to mine specifications and rapid development.

Our Services

Our high qualified and well trained professionals provide turn key and high end electrical services for industrial, mining, marine and commercial sectors. Our services have always been appreciated for their affordability and cost effectiveness. Some of these services include :

  • PLC systems & programming
  • Electrical repairs
  • Industrial Fridge repairs
  • Automation
  • Variable speed drives
  • Industrial over repairs
  • Heavy earthmoving and mining electrical systems
  • Motor starting systems
  • Other industrial appliance repairs

Besides these services, we also offer all kinds of electrical maintenance and installation services for various industries. We can also install and build switchboards to order. This allows us to offer the best services at reasonable prices.

Why Choose Us?

In recent years, our company has been able to build a strong reputation in Kent, United Kingdom. We have been able to build healthy and strong relationships with our clients because of our high quality of service and affordable prices.

Our company hosts exceptional customer service, skilled design, well trained sales staff, high end installation services and guarantee to top rated service all the time. Our highly efficient and effective management staff also handles overnight deliveries and late order processing.

Our staff comprises of light hearted, easily accessible and experienced commercial industrial electricians. Every member of our team has years of on-site and technical experience. Since we believe in building long term relationships with our clients, we provide our high quality services at affordable prices.

We tend to understand all kinds of electrical problems, and offer customised solutions to help your specific business needs and requirements. Regardless of the complexity of your needs, we will try our best to resolve any problems with your electrical equipment, tools or switchboards. For all kinds of electrical requirements, you can consult a customer representative at our company. HE&D Electrical contractors will be your best choice for commercial electrical contractor Kent.

When you give us a call for a consultation, we give you all the details about the project, and discuss everything to make sure the project is handled smoothly. Our exceptional customer service has always been appreciated by our clients and customers. Our staff member’s work 24/7 to give you prompt replies to your queries and doubts.
Unlike other companies, we don’t outsource our customer service. We believe in building strong relationships with customers, and offer in-house customer support to help our customers. Our customer representatives are friendly, understanding, and explain everything in the best possible manner. This has allowed us to achieve a high customer retention rate. As the best commercial electrical contractor Kent, we believe it’s our duty to offer the best services at low prices.

It’s worth mentioning that all our policies are in compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act. In addition to this, our policies are also in compliance with Construction Design and Management Regulations and Electricity at Work Regulations. In order to make sure our policies remain compliant, we retain an experienced consultant to coordinate the procedures, and audit compliances.

Recently, we’ve gained accreditation to Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems. This has allowed us to maintain our commitment to a much safer working environment. It has always been our company’s policy to use high quality materials, experienced supervisors and skilled tradesmen. This allows us to ensure quality work, which meets high standards. As the best commercial electrical contractor Kent, we always aim to maintain quality work.