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Application For Employment

We are always looking for talented and competent electrical engineers, supervisors and approved electricians to join our fantastic team here at HE & D.  We only select qualified and experienced individuals that we believe can work to our existing high standards and blend into our hard-working team.

If you think you could be a member of our professional team, then please fill in the application form below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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1. Personal Information

2.Education and Qualifications

Further Education

Professional Qualifications If you are a member of any professional organisation, please provide details below:

Form 19 – Issue 2 (Electronic copy)

Vocational Training

3. Present or most recent Employment:

4. Previous Employment: (most recent first)

5. Other Information

6. References

suitable to the Company will be required before employment is confirmed.

Please give details below of two most recent employment reference.

If you have not been previously employed, please give details below of two persons to whom the Company can apply for a reference.

(Suitable persons may be a school/teacher or college tutor)

Note: References will not be taken up without your prior agreement.

I confirm that the information given on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false statement, or information, may be sufficient to cause rejection of my application or if employed, dismissal. Please Note: If replying on-line you will be required to sign this form when attending any possible interview.

Preface Notes For Application Form
The following notes will explain to you why we have requested certain information on our Application Form. Please read them through before completing the Application Form.

1 The Asylum and Immigration Act 1996

In order to comply with the above Act, we need to establish that ALL applications for employment with the Company have the right to work in the UK before we can make an offer of employment.

If you are invited for second interview, with the company we will need to see the ORIGINAL of ONE of the following Qualifying Documents prior to issuing a formal offer letter:-
a. Birth Certificate issued in the UK
b. A passport describing the holder as a citizen of the UK, or as having the right of abode in the UK
c. Certificate of Registration, or naturalisation as a British Citizen
d. Passport issued by a State which is party to the European Economic Area Agreement
e. An Identity Card issued as in the above, which state the holder is a member of a State which is party to the agreement
f. Passport, or travel document, endorsed to holder that has indefinite leave to remain in the UK
g. Passport, or travel document, showing holder has leave to enter, or remain, in the UK and is not precluded from employment here
h. A letter from the Home Office, or Department for Education and Employment, indicating permission to take employment
i. Documents from one of the following:- the Inland Revenue, Benefits Agency, Employment Service, or previous employer which contains a National Insurance Number

2 Evidence of Qualifications

If you are invited for second interview for the position applied for, you will be required to bring with you the originals of certificates for the essential qualifications required for the post.

3 Social and Leisure

It may be that activities undertaken out of the working environment may equip applicants to undertake more responsibility, or have provided them with experience relevant to the workplace which might not be apparent from their recent work record. If this applies to you, then please do let us know on the form.