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Yeoman’s Yard


March, 2018

By Pete Langdown

Good news the Yeoman’s yard project has finally gotten off the ground. The project is a new facility for the parking of HGV vehicles in a well lit secure environment that backs onto the river Thames, this in its self provides problems because on this stretch of the river it has a sea wall to protect the surrounding area from flooding and the drop lot area is between the sea wall and the Thames and has a public foot path running along the edge of the river.

We carried out our initial designs for this is a project back in June 2011 and it has taken this long to get the relevant approvals from the environment agency to build this type facility. That being said several changes have taken place with regards to the end users requirements. With the lighting now being installed on the river side of the parking area and additional surveillance equipment being install along with a pond to provide over spill for what is called the thirty year storm this will in time become a haven for the local wild life which seems to be in abundance despite the industrial nature of the surrounding area.